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Depths of Summer

August 6th, 2018 by Kurt L. Smith

Heady days and bond markets rarely go together. Nor do the terms ‘bond market’ and ‘news’. Add summer and vacations into the mix and the bond market becomes French. Absent.

I may exaggerate but not much. Thankfully we are not looking to keep up (or primarily down) with any bond index, we are not burdened by scale or the inability to find worthwhile bonds. Every day I get to practice and build my skills and every day things come together. Except in the summer, things come a bit more slowly.

Last month I discussed how the markets are poised for a fall. One more month without the Bond Crash of 2018, but the first of August brought ten year US Treasury note yields back to 3% for the first time in several months.  Most of 2018 has so far been a correction of the dramatically higher yields (and double-digit price losses of longer bonds). Whether we begin the next phase of higher rates and lower prices immediately or whether it takes a few more months, is not important. What is important is you are prepared and you are prepared because you own the proper asset, chosen by The Select ApproachTM. (more…)

Bond Interest Rates Jump…Finally!

June 22nd, 2015 by Kurt L. Smith

Bonds are grabbing the headlines again and not in a good way.  Long-term interest rates worldwide have jumped about one full percentage point, sending longer-term bond prices down across the board.  Why this is the case is not important; the fact that bond values are evaporating is important. (more…)


The $247 trillion global debt bomb…